July  2009:

Climbing some 14,000 footers in Colorado Part 1
On July 15, 2009, Marc, Patrick and I wanted to climb Grays Peak.
We left the house in Silverthorne around 8 am and drove to the
Horseshoe Basin Trailhead past Keystone on Montezuma Road and
then Peru Creek Road, a dirt road. We parked our car at the Shoe
Basin Mine. Shortly after this mine, Peru Creek Road is closed with a
gate. At first we followed the road further into the Horseshoe Basin
until we saw the Eastslopes of Grays Peak.
It took us about 45 minutes to hike down the shoulder between Grays and Torreys and then up to
Torreys summit at 14,267 feet. We stayed there for a few minutes and then went back down to the
saddle and up Grays to pick up Patrick, another 45 minutes, so total about one and a half hours to
make it from Grays to Torreys and back to Grays.
After taking a few more pictures on the
summit of Grays, we descended down
the Eastslopes of Grays at snails pace
because Patrick's knees were hurting a
bit. Once we were out of the talus
slopes, however, he was fine again and
Marc and Patrick left me way behind
them. About 2 hours after leaving
Grays summit we were back at our car.
Grays Peak (14,270 feet) and Torreys Peak (14,267 feet)
We then scrambled up the talus slopes to Grays south ridge and
then further up to the summit of Grays Peak. It took us 3 hours
and 10 minutes since leaving the car. Elevation change was about
3,250 feet. It was Patrick's first 14,000 footer and he was spent!
Marc and I decided to head over to Torreys Peak while Patrick
remained on Grays summit.