June 27, 2006
Ghana vs. Brazil in Dortmund
After Ghana beat the USA in Nuremberg, they qualified for the knockout rounds. They faced Brazil
in Dortmund. We were excited as we thought Ghana had a good chance of eliminating Brazil, so we
were looking forward to a great game.

As my Aunt & Uncle live in Osnabrueck, which is not far from Dortmund, we decided to spend a
couple of days with them after this game. Therefore, my parents decided to drive us to Dortmund,
drop us off at the Main Station and then kept going to Osnabrueck. My brother in the meantime,
who was the lucky recipient for the fourth ticket, took the train from his home in Hamburg and met
us at the Main Station in Dortmund.

Unlike Nuremberg and Cologne who have a beautiful and historic downtown area, Dortmund is
rather bland. Not much to see there. Also, this was the only day during the entire World Cup where
it rained.
Across the Main Train Station in Dortmund. Almost looks like you are in a real
Interesting sights and
Currywurst Time in Dortmund
The Stadium
We walked from downtown Dortmund to the stadium. Lots of Brazilians everywhere.
The stadium is huge. Normal capacity is 80,000 spectators, a little less for the World Cup. The game
itself was already decided by the end of the first half. Brazil won 3:0. But during the entire game,
Ghana was the better team, just could not score and the Ghana defense was pretty bad. But one
could see that Brazil was not the team of previous World Cups and sure enough they were knocked
out in the next round by France.
After the game, we went back to the
Main Train Station and boarded the
train to Osnabrueck where we arrived
about an hour later. My Uncle
picked us up from the station and
then we had some delicious chili
cooked by my Aunt.....