Grand Canyon May 2003:
Tanner to Grandview
Having enjoyed my last year's trip to the Grand Canyon that much, I booked another hiking trip
through the
Grand Canyon Field Institute. This time, I wanted to explore the Eastern part of the
Canyon, from the area where the Grand Canyon makes its western turn into the Granite Gorge. As
last time, I selected a trip with Ken Walters as the leader/guide.
The group at Tanner Trailhead early in the morning. It was
But once we were a small distance away from the rim, it warmed up
The Tanner Trail starts at the Tanner Parking Lot at an altitude of 7,300 feet (2,225 m) and meets
the Colorado River at the Tanner Rapid at an elevation of 2,700 feet (823 m). Distance: 16.1 miles.
We left early in the morning and reached Tanner Rapid late afternoon.
You can see the Watchtower on top of the
Sunset at Tanner Rapid
The next day we walked upriver to Palisades Creek and to Lava Canyon.
Great hiking through spectacular scenery.
Back at the Camp at Tanner
After spending a second night at Tanner Rapid, the third day we hiked the Escalante Route via
Unkar Rapid all the way to the Escalante Creek Campground. It was a long day of hiking.
Anasazi Ruin

After spending a night at the Escalante Creek Camparea, we then trekked to Hance Rapid via the
slot canyons of Seventyfive Mile Canyon.
Hands on Geology...that is how mountains were formed,
with a little pressure
Campground at Hance
Day 5 was spent with another day hike up the New Hance Trail into the Red Canyon.
Recapping the day on our "Talking
Hance Rapid

On the sixth day, we hiked from our campground at Hance Rapid to Horseshoe Mesa on the
Grandview Trail.
We made it to Horsehoe Mesa just in time to watch an incredible sunset while having
After a cold night, the next morning, we had a short hike on the Grandview Trail from Horseshoe
Mesa back up to the Canyon Rim. Our trip concluded at the Grandview Point Parking Lot.
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