June 6, 2009:

Day 2 of Trek:
Rumbak Sumdo (3,875 m) to Ganda La High Camp (4,550 m)
I got up at 6 am and packed my stuff. I felt a lot better. We had breakfast around 7 am and
left the campsite shortly after 8 am. A few minutes after leaving camp, we watched a huge
fox on the other side of the valley.
After an hour or so hiking, we had a rest (or better: everyone was waiting for me way ahead
and I finally caught up). Just as I sat down, on the other side of the valley two huge sheep
appeared. They were Agali Sheep, a pretty rare sight. They were watching us and we were
watching them for some time until they disappeared again.
A little while longer, we passed the hamlet of Yurutse, one large house. Along walls
surrounding fields we continued our ascend until we stopped for lunch at the Ganda La
Base Camp.
Kim asked me how I was feeling and whether I wanted to go further to Ganda La High
Camp. Although still a little weak, I was fine and we decided to continue. The terrain now
became a lot steeper and I struggled and fell far behind the others. Kirin stayed with me
until we got close to camp and I told him to go ahead. I finally made it to camp located at
4,550 m at around 3:30 pm, quite some time behind the others, but the point was, I had a
much shorter hike the next day.
From our campsite high up the valley, we had great views of the Stok Range and Stok
Kangri. Around 4:30 pm, it started to rain and sleet, turning into snow close to dinner time.
We had dhal, rice, spinach and delicious indian potatoes for dinner and then enjoyed the
warm confines of our dining tent for the rest of the evening.