June 11, 2009:

Day 6 of Trek:
Thagutse (4,260 m) to Nyimaling (4,850 m)
Woke up to a dust of snow. Probably the best night sleep I had so far on the trek. We left
the camp at around 8:30 am. Although not a far trek today, it was quite demanding as we
hiked higher and higher.
We climbed out of the valley for a while until we reached a ridge from where there were
great views. Here we stopped for quite a while enjoying the wonderful views around us.
When we saw that bad weather was coming in, we continued. It snowed quite heavily for
the next hour or so. The going was a bit more difficult for me because of the altitude and I
was trailing the others...again.... There was a small lake on which apparantly Kang Yaze
reflects itself and makes for great pictures, but when I passed the lake, it was snowing and
no views.
I was struggling for the last mile or so and finally reached Nyimaling at 11:30 am. Nyimaling
is a high altitude grazing region and we could see sheep and goat herds all around. Once at
the camp, the weather got better and we could see the beautiful surroundings of "our"
At 2:30 pm, Graham, Marc and I decided to explore a little and get some close-up views of
Kang Yaze. So we started hiking up the drainage behind the camp leading to the ridge in
front of Kang Yaze. Because of the altitude, it was slow going. Up on the ridge, there were
great views not only of Kang Yaze but also the surrounding mountain ranges.
Marc and Graham continued for a while longer while I sat down and enjoyed the views. The
altitude was 16,600 feet or 5,030 m. However, once I was not moving anymore, it was quite
cold, so I was glad that Marc and Graham came back after a while and we headed back
down to the camp.
Going down to the camp we could see the goat and sheep herds making their way back to
their pens in the valley of Nyimaling. It was quite a sight. One herd went right through our
While having dinner we watched an incredible sunset on the surrounding mountains. Went
to bed early as it was really cold in the dining tent, but once I was snuggled up in my down
bag in my tent, I was fine.