June 12, 2009:

Day 7 of Trek:
Nyimaling (4,850 m) over the Langthang Chu (5,183 m) to Zalung Karpo High
Camp (4,700 m)
Woke up early after a good night sleep. It was coooold. Minus 2 degrees Celcius in my tent
and the water in my bottles was frozen. After breakfast I left ahead of the others as I knew
they would catch me going up the same drainage as we did the afternoon before.
Well...once I was up on the ridge, nobody had caught up to
me, maybe I was getting faster. So I waited for a while for
the others. We continued to traverse up to the ridge with
Kang Yaze looming above us. The top of the ridge was
16,800 feet high and provided great views of Kang Yaze.
We saw three climbers high up on the snow field of this
beautiful mountain.
From the ridge we went down into a valley which houses the Kang Yaze Base Camp where
the climbers tents could be spotted. We crossed the valley and hiked up another ridge.
From here we could see the pass, but it was a loooong way to get there.
To get to the pass we had to do a traverse. While Kim, Marc and Graham used a higher trail,
I thought I'd be smart and just go straight. Well...soon I was in the middle of lots of loose
rocks and it feeled like the entire mountain side would slide down with me any minute. So I
scrambled for higher and safer ground. The traverse took forever and I made it to the pass
last (again).
Up on the pass we had great views and saw how steep the trail went down the other side.
Good thing is we could go down that trail and did not have to go up. Anyway...going down
that steep trail was quite spectacular and made for some great photo opportunities.
We crossed a couple of more ridges on our way down and finally saw the bottom of the
valley which lead up to the Zalung Karpo La, our next destination. We had lunch at around 1
pm, too late for my taste.
After lunch, we continued the descend into the valley and then stayed in the riverbed
ascending again for another 2 hours until we reached Zalung Karpo High Camp where we
spent the night.
At camp there were several blue sheep which we watched for some time. It was a cold
evening again and shortly after dinner we went to bed.