June 15, 2009:

Day 10 of Trek:
Restday at Dat
Unfortunately, I did not sleep too well but today was a restday anyway. It was great not to
have to pack early in the morning! We had breakfast at 8 am and then I started to wash my
dirty clothes. I also filled water into Kim's outdoor solar shower and let it sit in the sun.
After lunch, I deemed the water warm enough and I took my solar shower and washed my
Mid afternoon, another trekker came by our camp. It was Marc(k?) from Boulder, just like
my Marc who goes to school there. Funny thing. Together, later in the afternoon, all of us
went over to Dat and the Dat Gompa.
The village of Dat was completely deserted. What was not nice was that the inhabitants had
put their trash on fire before they had left, so there still were a few smoldering fires and
depending how the wind blew, the stingy smoke at times made it all the way to our camp.
Dat Gompa was pretty old and is in urgent need of repair. Two young lamas who live there
year round showed us around a bit. We explored the gompa for a while and then made our
way slowly back to camp. It was quite eerie going past the houses which had teemed with
life just a few days earlier.
While we tended to our chores all day, Kirin and the boys were fishing. The result was
presented to us during dinner: fresh fish, probably 4-5 inches long each. I tried one but it
was not my cup of tea. We did another disco night with our i-pods and went to bed around 9
pm, our usual time.
A pile of sh@!$