June 19, 2009:

Day 14 of Trek:
Narbus (4,820 m) to Numa River Camp (4,610 m)
Got up, had breakfast and then we started our hike down this beautiful high-altitude valley.
After an hour we were at the Leh - Manali Highway which we crossed and then waited for
Lakpa and Kim.
Another 3 hours of hiking through this grandious and beautiful landscape. Several times we
saw kyang but were too far away for good pictures. This was one of the most beautiful
hiking days I had ever done!
Then, totally unexpected, all of a sudden the high plateau we had been hiking on stopped
and a beautiful gorge was below our feet. Probably about 200 m under us was the Numa
River and the bottom of the valley. There were lots of hoodoos, a sign of erosion from wind
and water.
We continued for another 30 minutes along the edge of the gorge until we found a nice spot
for lunch. After our lunch stop Marc didn't feel too well (a normal occurrence for him after
he eats!) and both of us stayed behind the others.
After a while following the trail, it dropped straight down into the gorge quite steeply. We
could see our camp on our way down and therefore took our time and shot lots of photos.
At camp the river was flowing pretty shallow. Ideal conditions to wash clothes and also
wash my hair. With all the chores done, we sat outside the tents and enjoyed the beautiful
views and the warm weather.
We had a good dinner which involved the rest of the mutton from the previous day. After
dinner I took Kim's satellite phone and phoned my wife back home in Houston to check in
and say that we were fine. The evening concluded with i-pod shuffle and we went to bed
around 9 pm to another clear and starry sky.
Marc standing on the Leh - Manali "Highway"