June 21, 2009:

Day 16 of Trek:
Zozogong (4,940 m) to Himalaya View Camp (4,750 m)
I got up at 6:30 am. The sun was shining already onto the tents and it was getting warm in
there. I packed away my warm clothes anticipating not to need them today.  After breakfast,
Graham, Marc and I started to walk down this wide and beautiful valley which seemed to
continue on endlessly.
Just like the day before, around 10 am, we sat down and waited for Kim and Lakpa. While
sitting there, 2 kyangs appeared out of one of the side valleys checking us out. A few
minutes later we saw a herd of about 10 of them. This clearly is "kyang country" and we
saw many of them during the next few days.
Another two hours walking through great scenery and we stopped for lunch. We spread out
or stuff and were all facing one direction, sitting on what looked like a dry river bank. At one
time, I turned around and there, not even 50 yards away from us was a male kyang which
sneeked up to check us out.
I told the others to get their cameras and turn around slowly. They looked at me puzzled,
thought I was kidding. I couldn't believe how close that kyang was. It circled us and then
slowly disappeared into one of the sidevalleys.
Shortly after lunch, the valley made a slight left turn and the snow covered Himalaya Range
came into view again. We passed one of the nomad areas, called Thargang Nomad Camp. It
was deserted and we continued on.
We finally reached our campsite at 3 pm. From here there were great views of the Himalaya
Range, therefore Kim calls it the "Himalaya View Camp". Graham reckoned that today we
covered about 25 km (about 15 miles) at a constant altitude of about 4,800 m or 16,000 feet.
Had a wash in the river. Then I retreated into my tent starting to read Sven Hedin's "My Life
As An Explorer". Dinner started as usual around 6:30 pm. Sunset was beautiful! We decided
to "sleep in" the next morning as we anticipated only a relatively short walk ahead of us for
tomorrow. Went to bed at 9 pm. At night, the thermometer "plunged" to minus 8 degrees
Celcius, according to our weather man Graham.
Theme of the day: walk, walk, walk