June 22, 2009:

Day 17 of Trek:
Himalaya View Camp (4,750 m) to Lhatoo Gongma (4,670 m)
After the "sleep-in", I got up at 7:30 am as it got too hot in the tent to stay in there any
longer. After breakfast we left. We had to cross a pass, more like a ridge line. It took me 45
minutes after leaving camp to reach the top of Manechan La at 4,800 m.
By now I was in great shape and was waiting for everybody else to get up there. Marc was
dragging his feet a bit this morning. From the top of the pass there were great views back
to where we came from and down the valley where we were going. Took quite a few
On the way down back into the valley, we saw 2 kyang herds, about 12-15 animals each.
Lakpa and Kim were racing towards them in order to cut them off, but to no avail. We were
watching those two crazy people splashing through the river and trying to get close to the
wild asses (did not know who were the asses here, HAHA) while we were sitting on nice
big rocks enjoying the views.
The trekking was easy and Marc was feeling better. While hiking through this valley we
actually saw another group going the opposite of our route, the first foreigners (or locals for
that matter) we had seen since Narbus.
We had lunch on top of a ridge where there was another lhatoo, an offering place to the
local gods. The camp was only 20 minutes away from here and we reached it at 1:30 pm.
Washed some clothes and was thinking about exposing some of my skin to more water,
but it was so windy with gale force gusts coming up that valley that I gave up this crazy
idea of washing myself real quick!!
So I took a nap instead and continued reading. Later in the afternoon we sat around in the
dining tent while the wind howled around us. Dinner sucked! Some kind of potatoes with
canned mackarel.....grosssss! Of course, my buddy Graham loved it! These Aussies....Good
thing was that we had apple pie with whipped cream for dessert. Went to bed around 9 pm.