June 25, 2009:

Day 20 of Trek:
Restday at Korzok Phu
Finally another rest day!! Of course, I had to leave my tent at 5:30 am due to the beer
consumption of last night. Then I slept again until almost 7 am. Breakfast was a little later
today, about 8 am.
Marc and Kirin had decided the night before that rest was not for them and had planned a
hike up one of the surrounding mountains. They left at 8:45 am. I washed some of my dirty
clothes and then some of the dirty me.
I spotted Marc and Kirin with my binoculars on top of "their" mountain right around noon.
They were back down in camp again at 1:30 pm and said that the climb was a lot harder
than it looked and they anticipated.
Around 3 pm, we went down to Korzok to visit the gompa. The gompa was nice, but the
most spectacular part were the views of the lake from the gompa.
It was surprising to me that there were quite a few tourists spread all over the tents in
town. Mostly Indians, but also a Western group which rode into Korzok on Enfield
On the way back up to our campsite at Korzok Phu, I made the mistake of wanting to get a
close up picture of the chorten which stands all by itself in the middle of the valley. From
here it was almost impossible to walk a straight line back to our camp because of the
boggy swamp and I had to make a large detour.
Dinner as usual and back to bed around 9 pm to rest for the demanding following day. The
stars were out again tonight.
Marc and Kirin leaving to hike up the mountain on right