June 27, 2009:

Day 22 of Trek:
Sherma (5,180 m) over Kartse La (5,405 m) and KyamayuriLa (5,410m) to
Rajung Karu (4,880 m)
Slept pretty good considering the altitude. Had breakfast and we were ready to go at 8 am.
The hike today was for the most part at 5,000 meters and higher. After leaving camp, we
first went up the little ridge behind the camp and then ascended the Kartse La at 5,405 m
(or 17,830 feet).
It took me an hour to reach the top of the pass. Marc took a little longer, he said he didn't
have too much energy. Graham came a little later and we waited for Kim and Lakpa.
It took a while for the two of them to arrive and at around 10 am we descended the other
side of the pass. That descend and the valley we were going into reminded me a lot of the
scenery from our Ganden to Samye trek in Tibet. The high plateau and rounded mountains
around it. On the descent, our horses overtook us. The descent, however, was short and
soon we were on the valley floor slowly ascending again.
Kim and Lakpa were chasing a couple of kyiangs again. After another hour or so, we
stopped for a break. When we got up again I discovered that I was completely out of energy
and fell behind the others. I had to eat something!! Kirin, who carried our lunch stuff was
way ahead, but Kim turned on her afterburners and caught him after a while. Good girl!! We
had lunch a little earlier than normal at 11:45 am on top of a rocky outcrop overlooking the
From our lunch spot to the top of the next pass, the Kyamayuri La at 5,410 m, it took us
about 30 minutes. Relatively gentle uphill, but I again fell behind the others who were
waiting for me at the top of the pass.
Marc and I stayed on top of the pass until about 2 pm whereas the others descended
earlier. From up here, we could see Tso Kar, the salt lake which was our final destination
and end of our trek. We even could see Kang Yatze in the distance where we were about 2
weeks ago. We came a long way!!!
Marc and I finally started our descend. First through snowfields and then steeply down.
There were great views all the way down and we also saw a few kyiangs along the way. We
made it to our campsite at the river at about 3:30 pm.
The river here was swollen from all the snowmelt higher up. The next morning, it was
probably a foot or so lower than that afternoon.

We rested for the remainder of the afternoon, had some tea and enjoyed the nice weather.
After a pleasant dinner we went to bed at 9 pm.