Nepal 2008
While in Kathmandu in August 2007 and visiting one of my favorite shops in the world, Pilgrim's Book
Store, I came across the book "Mustang - A Lost Tibetan Kingdom" by Michel Peissel. I bought it and by
the time I departed the plane back home I had finished the book and knew that Mustang was the place in
Nepal I was going to visit next.

For Mustang I needed a permit which is issued only for a group of at least 2 people. So I was looking for a
trekking partner. After posting my intentions on a couple of trekking boards, I found Suzi (or better: she
found me) on Suzi wanted to stay in Lo Manthang for 10 days and work there in the local
hospital. It suited my intentions fine to stay longer in Lo Manthang than just the 2 days "normal" groups
stay there, hopefully enabling me to see a lot more.  We agreed on the timing, routes, etc., pretty fast. Suzi
wanted to use her agent for the Mustang trek,
Basanta Adventure.

We agreed that Basant's company would provide us with a guide and 2 porters. We also agreed that we
would do this trek in "teahouse" fashion, i.e. we would take no camping gear nor any provisions with us.
Mustang usually is done in camping groups but as it was just the two of us, we thought it could work, and
it did!!

After Mustang I wanted to hike to Annapurna Base Camp. Suzi decided she would join me for this trek as
well and so we agreed that after we had finished the Mustang trek and would be back in Jomsom, we
would then use my friend Bharat from
Thirdpole for the remainder of the trek to Annapurna Base Camp.  

Suzi was the ideal trekking partner, always happy and bubbly and the opposite of me, the old grumpy
guy. I thought we got along great considering we spend almost 5 weeks together and most of it in a
remote area of the world.

Below is my diary of this trip: