November 2, 2006:
I slept sooo gooood. Got up at 8 am and had breakfast in the club room. Today was shopping day. I
left the hotel around 9:30 am and went to the MBK Shopping Center by Sky Train. This shopping
center is close to the National Stadium. It is absolutely huge!! After exploring this shopping center, I
went across the street to the next one, the Siam Center and then to the next one and from there to
the next one..... If one likes to shop, well, Bangkok certainly should be heaven for them. I went all
the way down to Sukhumvit weaving in and out of these huge malls. I had lunch at McDonalds, the
famous American Specialty Restaurant!! Don't ask me why...but the allure was the Starbucks next to
it at the Amalfi Shopping Center.
My wife had hinted at me in an e-mail that Bangkok was the place to buy jewelry. So I was looking
at that a little, but as I don't know a thing about jewelry, I abandoned that quickly. Then, I saw the
word "Prada" at one of the shopping centers. So I went into the Prada Store. I was looking at
handbags. I asked for the price and the lady told me something in Bhat, so I asked how much is that
in US-$??? She said 1,500 and I said good-bye and left in panic! $ 1,500 for a piece of leather and
plastic..... Time to stop shopping! I took the train back towards Silom Road. I got out at
Ratchadamri and walked through Lumphini Park. Then on Silom Road and close to my hotel, I
finally found a present for my wife, a beautiful little tea set. Then I went back to the hotel just in
time for Cocktail Hour in the club room. I then packed my bag as I have an early flight out the next
morning. Had dinner at the Chinese Restaurant on the 38th floor enjoying the views of the city.