USA - Ghana in Nuremberg on June 22, 2006
We took the intercity train early morning from Frankfurt to Nuremberg. The train ride only takes a
little more than 2 hours We were early for the train when my Mom dropped us off at the Frankfurt
Main Station. My Dad was the lucky one to get the fourth ticket as my wife who was the original
ticket holder had no interest in going and rather stayed in Mexico.
Outside and inside of Frankfurt Main Train Station
After we arrived in Nuremberg's Main Station, we walked into downtown. First we  stopped at the
St. Lorenz Cathedral. This basilica was built in between 1243 and 1315. It was badly damaged
during World War II but reconstruction was completed in 1952. Across the street from the St.
Lorenz Cathedral is the Nassauer Haus. It is one of the best preserved examples of medieval tower
Nassauer Haus
St. Lorenz
We kept walking towards the symbol of Nuremberg, the old Kaiserburg (or Imperial Castle) which
rises high above the city. In this castle, all Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were in residence
at least some time between 1050 and 1571. The Kaiserburg was one of the most important imperial
palaces of the Middle Ages.
The Sinwell Tower. Built in the second half of the 13th
century. Sinwell is the medieval german word for "round".
After visiting the Kaiserburg, we were
hungry and it was time for the Nuremberg
special: Rostbratwurst and Beer!
Frauenkirche. Emperor Karl IV. built this church between
1355 and 1358. It was the first Gothic hall church in
Holy Spirit Hospital. Founded in 1332 it was one of the
largest hospitals in the Middle Ages.
After doing our culture thing, we went back to the Main Station. In the pedestrian zone there were
many Americans waving flags and signing. Also a few Ghana supporters. We took the train to the
stadium. At the stadium, there was a stage with a singing and dancing contest. Of course my Dad
and Patrick had to participate.
In the stadium, the atmosphere was great. To the left of us were thousands of American fans.
The US went up 1:0. Then, after a big mistake by Claudio Reina, Ghana equalized. With only a few
minutes to play in the first half, the German referee awarded a penalty kick for Ghana and Ghana
scored. It was the last goal in the match. Ghana won 2:1. With this result, the US was eliminated.
The American fans were great and were a great vocal support for their team. It is custom in soccer
that coach and players come to the fans after a game and thank the fans. As soon as the game
ended, the US coach Bruce Arenas, who I have disliked for a long time, went straight into the
locker room and did not come out to the fans and thanked them for their support. What a jerk!!
Good thing the US Soccer Federation fired his ass soon thereafter! He was a worthless coach! So
much talent to work with and so little success!!
My Dad exchanged hats with one of the
Americans sitting close to us. That guy
liked his German hat and my Dad liked his.
In the train back to Frankfurt
Passing Wuerzburg and its castle from the