October 3, 2008:
Larjung and attempt to get to Dhaulagiri Icefall
I got up early, shortly before 6 am, to see the sunrise on Dhaulagiri. I was not to be disappointed. It was
beautiful. The sun was rising on Dhaulagiri and the Icefall. John from New Zealand was also out there
taking pictures. After watching that for some time, I had breakfast, oat porridge with apples again.
Gyan and I left the Lodge and
went south towards the trail to
the Dhaulagiri Icefall. By that
time (before 8 am), clouds were
already moving in high up on
the valley towards the Icefall.
Soon, the Icefall was shrouded
in clouds. I could not believe
how fast that went. Gyan and I
kept on walking. We left the road
and started to ascend the trail to
the Icefall. After a while, we were
on a ridge in a valley, with the
steep climb up the walls of the
valley in front of us. From up
here, we had great views to the
other side of the valley with the
Annapurna Range. Annapurna I,
The Fang and Annapurna South
and, of course, Nilgiri a little
further north.
The views were truly spectacular. However, I was tired and did not feel
too good. We discussed what to do. Above us, the Icefall was in clouds.
Therefore, the decision to not go any further was an easy one. We
looked for a couple of big rocks and sat down. Here, we enjoyed the
views of the Annapurna Range. We sat there for a long time and finally
went back down to Larjung.
Back at the lodge, I had apple pie for lunch. It was really good. Gyan and I then explored the ridge behind
Larjung for a while. There are lots of caves up there. Gyan wanted to go higher to another, bigger cave
which was accessible. But I wasn't in the mood for it. I told him to go ahead by himself. I went down to the
Lodge and took an i-pod induced nap. Around 4 pm, I got back up just when Gyan was coming down
from his hike to the cave. He and Gyan were sitting inside the Lodge's garden. John told us about the
local Monastery and whether we wanted to go with him. We sure did. Close to the Monastery, there is an
old grinding wheel and an old man was sitting there grinding wheat (I think). Gyan was looking for the
keyman. He came back with an old woman who had the key to the Monastery. The Monastery was an old
nunnery and had some nice wall paintings inside.
We went back to the lodge and sat in the dining
room. The young French couple joined us soon.
They also attempted to go to the Icefall, but they
returned as well because of the clouds. We had a
pleasant late afternoon and evening in the dining
room discussing and solving the problems of this
world!! John and his wife Carol and I disagreed on
pretty much everything going on in this world
which made for an even better discussion. Finally
went to bed around 9 pm and slept really good!!
Sunrise on Dhaulagiri
Dhaulagiri and Icefall
Annapurna Range
Gyan in front of Dhaulagiri
Chortens and Caves above Larjung
Monastery Larjung