October 4, 2008:
Larjung back to Jomsom via Marpha
Woke up around 6 am and for the first time in several days I felt fit and refreshed again. I had my staple
breakfast of oat porridge and apples. The views outside of Dhaulagiri were spectacular again.Then I said
good-bye to John and Carol and Gyan and I left Larjung at around 8:15 am.
We went back north again and were in Tukuche about an hour later and then at the Monastery in Marpha
at around 10:45 am. Marpha is the apple capital of Nepal. There are apple orchards everywhere. The long
main street is paved with flagstones and every house has stacks of firewood on its roof. The Solmi/Tashi
Lha K'an Gompa is reached via a flight of steps. Inside there are statues of the Guru Rinpoche as well as
Amitabha and Avalokitesvara. The Monastery has a very new feel to it. There is even a big digital clock
inside. Behind the gompa is a mediation centre where one can book rooms for retreats and mediation.
From the front of the gompa there are great views over the rooftops of Marpha.
We had a quick lunch at the Snow Leopard Lodge at the north side of Marpha and then continued our
hike to Jomsom which we reached at about 1 pm. We got rooms again at the Moonlight Lodge and has
some tea. The room was not to be ready for a while, so I went outside to look for Bharat. I was supposed
to meet him the next day here in Jomsom as he would guide Suzi and me from here to the Annapurna
Base Camp and then down to Pokhara. I spotted him after a while. He was surprised to see me already.
He introduced me to Som Thapa, who was going to be our porter. We had some more tea and at around 3
pm my room was ready.
I took a long shower. Then I repacked again. From now on I was going to carry my own pack. At around 5
pm, Bharat and Som came back and joined Gyan and I in the dining room. We had some cokes and beer
(Gyan and I) and always were on the lookout for Suzi and the boys who could have arrived today (but
they didn't as they spend the night in Kagbeni). Dinner around 7 pm. I had again noodle soup and tomato
cheese pizza. Both were full of big pieces of garlic which I slowly despise. From now on everything I
ordered was not going to have garlic on it. Went to bed around 8 pm, listened to my i-pod for a while
before falling asleep.
Garden of our lodge in Larjung
Dhaulagiri one more time