October 5, 2008:
Waiting for Suzi, changing crew and hike to Tukuche
Got up at 7 am and went downstairs. Ordered my trusty breakfast, oat porridge and apples. I went to the
laundry place where I left a pair of pants and a couple of shirts the day before. Went to the internet cafe
where I had mail from my wife. She wrote me that one of our best friends had a brain aneurysm and was in
critical condition. I was shocked to hear that and that would not leave me for the next days!! (Luckily, she
pulled through and is fine again). Then after this unpleasant news, I went to the bank. The bank was
finally open and I got some money from the ATM machine and also exchanged some of my traveller
checks. Now I could finally pay back all my debts to Gyan, Yam etc.
Around 10:30 am, Suzi, Yam and Darbir finally rolled into town. I had not seen Suzi since we left Lo
Manthang but she was doing well. We switched the loads around and about an hour later we were ready
to leave. We said good-bye to Gyan, Yam and Darbir. They were going back to Pokhara via Beni. Bharat,
Som, Suzi and I went to Marpha and had lunch at the Snow Leopard Lodge. I had a tasty veggie noodle
soup and french fries. This lodge is a great place to stay in Marpha. From now on, Bharat was paying for
the meals and lodges as our arrangement with Thirdpole included room and food.
After lunch, Som and I continued on to Tukuche whereas
Bharat and Suzi were going to visit the Marpha
Monastery. I walked pretty fast and Som soon could not
follow me anymore. I was in Tukuche one hour and 15
minutes after leaving Marpha and got 2 rooms at the High
Plains Inn. Som was nowehere to be seen and only after
another 20 minutes arrived at the Lodge. He said he was
really tired. Tired from what??? I carried as much as he
and was twice his age.... That will be an interesting trip, I
thought to myself, if he is tired already now...
The High Plains Inn in my eyes is one of the best lodges I have encountered in Nepal. Our rooms were
very clean and comfortable and had attached bathrooms. Also, the food here is really good and the staff
is extremely friendly.
Suzi and Bharat arrived after a while. So did a group of German backpackers. Dinner was awesome. I had
a veggie noodle soup and spinach macaronis with tomato sauce. I talked to the Germans for a while who
were doing the Annapurna Circuit. Suzi loaded her pictures from her camera memory chips onto a disc
using the Lodge's computer. Went to bed around 9 pm and slept good again.
Different means of schlepping stuff
High Plains Inn Tukuche