October 7, 2008:
Dana (1,400 m) to Sikha (1,930 m) via Tatopani (1,190 m)
Got up before 7 am. The weather had cleared up and we had breakfast outside in the garden. We left
around 8:15 am.
The hike down from Dana to Tatopani was easy. While Bharat and Suzi were going through town, Som
and I stayed on the road to have a look at the hot springs. I was quite disappointed by those hot springs. I
guess I had a different vision of how they would look like and I am glad that we didn't stay in Tatopani for
the night just for the hot springs. Som and I continued on the road until we were at the bridge crossing
the Kali Gandaki a few minutes south of Tatopani. Here we waited for Bharat and Suzi.
We crossed the bridge and then started our initial climb up to Santosh. At first it was quite steep. For
whatever reason Som and I did not take the same trail as Suzi and Bharat and we were soon a lot higher
than them and had to backtrack to the main trail. After an hour, we were up at the lookout point at Santosh
at 1,500 m. There was a little teahouse here and we had some cold drinks. While sitting there the young
French couple I met in Larjung a few days earlier came by. They intended to go all the way to Ghorepani
today, but as it was already noon, I am not sure whether they made it that far.
We continued our way up to Ghara where we had lunch
at the Excellent View Restaurant. Did I mention that this
restaurant had excellent views??? The food was pretty
good too, although it took a long time. While waiting, the
French couple walked by and stopped and we
continued to chat for quite a while. They were both
going to Kathmandu to volunteer in a school after their
trek was done and before going back home to France.
Lunch finally arrived. I had my normal
veggie noodle soup and then swiss
roesties with cheese which also contained
all sorts of fresh veggies. Pretty good. We
finally left this nice place at around 2:30 pm.
With lots of energy in our bellies, the rest of
the way to Sikha was quite easy. We were
at our lodge at about 3:30 pm.
We got 2 rooms which I think were the last ones. Hung my stuff up outside to dry which was still wet from
the previous day's rain and todays sweat. The place was full of Europeans, mainly Belgians. Also, a big
family of Israelis was there. I refrain from commenting on them...but my friend John from New Zealand had
a great expression for them, something I don't want to spell out here...
We sat in the dining room for a couple of
hours, reading, writing, eating cake,
drinking beer, talking to the Belgians and
relaxing. At one time, Dhaulagiri came out of
the clouds. We had dinner at around 7 pm. I
had another bowl of veggie noodle soup
and then went all out for spaghetti with
tomato sauce. Went to bed around 8:30 pm.
Hot Springs at Tatopani
Som was tired