October 8, 2008:
Sikha (1,930 m) to Ghorepani (2,750 m)
Woke up before 6 am.
Breakfast was the usual,
apple porridge and
scrambled eggs. I left the
lodge around 8:15 am, a
little before the others. I got
to Chitre at about 9:15 am.
Here I waited for Suzi and
the rest. After a few
minutes, Bharat showed up
by himself. He had left the
others behind and wanted
to go ahead of us to
Ghorepani to get us rooms
as it was expected to be
real crowded up there.  I
waited another 10 minutes
or so for Suzi and Som.
We continued the trail up to Ghorepani and arrived there
at around 11:45 am. Bharat more or less got us the last
room at the Sunny View Lodge, the same lodge I stayed
in a couple of years ago. We got one of the bungalows
with an attached toilet and a tubbath (!). That was the first
time Suzi and I had to share a room, but there was no
other way. We had lunch which was just as delicious as I
had remembered it from 2 years ago.
After lunch, I went back to the room, shaved
and took a long shower while Suzi was
exploring the town. After showering, I went
back to the dining room, to read and listen
to my i-pod. Two big groups were there in
the lodge, of which one of them were
Chinese Malaysians. Some of them quite
obnoxious! The other group I think was
English and they had a great time that night
dancing and singing.
As all the tables were occupied, we were joined by a New Zealand couple for dinner. They both had sailed
the world on their sailboat and as I am sucker for this, I had a great time listening to their stories. Their
boat currently is in Langtang - Malaysia while they are trekking in Nepal. After dinner, it got loud in the
dining room. The music was turned up and the Nepalese were dancing to Michael Jackson tunes.
Hilarious! Went to bed after 9 pm but the music from the dining room reverberated throughout the hills of
Ghorepani and kept me awake until they turned it off at about 11 pm.
Some time in the afternoon Bharat told me that there was a plane crash at Lukla this morning and there
were no survivors. Apparantly a lot of Germans were on the plane. I had just e-mailed my wife and mother
from Jomsom 4 days ago and they both knew that I was not in the Everest area, but they sure received
many phone calls wondering about my whereabouts.

My thoughts go out to the victims and their families. Very sad!
Our Lodge in Sikha
At our Lodge in Ghorepani
Sunset on the Fang
Sunset on Annapurna South