October 10, 2008:
Chomrong (2,100 m) to Himalaya (2,920 m)
Got up at 6:30 am. Great views from outside the lodge of Macchapucchre and Annapurna South and
Hinchuli. Suzi and I repacked and we left her backpack and the duffelbag I brought in the lodge. Breakfast
for me was muesli with apples. Left the lodge at 8:15 am.
Right outside the lodge we started to steeply go down
stairs. The village of Chomrong covers an entire
hillside and all houses and lodges are connected
through a steep stone staircase. We walked down the
stairs to the river. After crossing the river it was up a
stone staircase to Sinuwa. I counted the stairs. After
about 700 of them we were in lower Sinuwa. I stopped
counting there although there were lots more steps to
climb until reaching were in Upper Sinuwa at 10 am. I
stopped at the Hilltop Lodge and waited for everybody
while having a coke and enjoying the views.
Around 10:45 am we left Sinuwa and soon were in the jungle. David and I went ahead. First the trail
ascended for a while and then dropped steeply into Bamboo. Here we had lunch at the first of the 4 or 5
lodges. Soon everybody else arrived.
After lunch I started the hike by myself. Leaving Bamboo at 1 pm
it didn't take me more than 40 minutes to reach Dovan at an
altitude of 2,500 m. By now I was in really good shape that I could
go as fast as I wanted without stopping and gasping for air. Of
course, not having to carry my backpack anymore helped a lot
too. I waited for the others for about 20 minutes. When they
arrived, we decided to send Bharat ahead to Himalaya to get
rooms for us.
It started to rain. David had his raingear in his backpack which his porter was carrying but he was not
there yet. So Suzi and I went ahead. The trail between Dovan and Himalaya mostly went up. Hiking
through the forest, however, was spectacular. Again, that Middle Earth feeling. At any time we expected
the trees to start talking to us. But it was only David who caught up to us. Really an enchanted forest.
We reached Himalaya which is located at an altitude of
about 2,920 m at around 4 pm. Bharat was waiting for us.
He had gotten the last room for us, a 3 bedroom. Extremely
basic and next to the toilets. From now on all lodges were
really crowded and we had to take what we could get. It was
quite cold and dam up here. We sat in the dining room from
like 4:30 pm onwards and made plans for the next day. We
decided that Bharat was going to leave at 6 am to go
straight up to Annapurna Base Camp and get us rooms as
it was really crowded up there.
Our dinner came early, already around 6 pm. I was bored sitting around the dining room already by 7 pm.
Went to our room, snuggled into my sleeping bag and listened to my i-pod. Suzi and David came in a little
later. Slept good until about 4 am and then on and off until around 6:30 am.
Annapurna South
Chomrong stretched out over the hill
Stair Steps at Chomrong
The Locals playing Volleyball
Bharat and Suzi at Sinuwa
Macchapucchre (left) and Bamboo (above)