October 12, 2008:
Annapurna Base Camp and hike down to Bamboo
This is why I love to come to Nepal!!!

Woke up at 5:30 am, got dressed quickly and went outside. It was cold, but there was not a cloud in the
sky. The 4,000 m high South Wall of Annapurna I is lurking right in front of me. Walked up to the ridge and
waited for the sun to rise.
The sun started to rise at about 6:15 am. It was beautiful. First the rays of the sun touched the summits.
Then more and more of the mountains were covered by the sun. It was spectacular. Around me in a circle
were 10 mountains between 6,000 m to 8,000 m high.
I stayed out there sitting on the edge of the glacial moraine until about 7:30 am and then went back to the
lodge for a quick breakfast. Then back outside for more pictures, some filming and just plainly enjoying
the views. The South Wall looked really steep and high. Tough to imagine that people have actually
climbed this vertical wall of ice and rock.
Around 9 am I went back to my room and packed my stuff. There was still no cloud in the sky. Around
9:45 am we finally left Annapurna Base Camp. We stopped at the sign below the lodges and took some
more pictures. The Korean guy we met a few days earlier just came up and we took some pictures with
him. Then David and I went ahead.
Shortly before Macchapucchre Base Camp we took a last look at the Annapurna amphitheatre. It was still
spectacular. As Som and Sunil who had gone ahead of us were not at MBC, David and I kept going.
By the time we reached Deurali, there still was no cloud in the sky, probably for the first time in many
weeks and months. Som and Anil were also not at Deurali, so we continued on to Himalaya where they
were waiting for us. We reached Himalaya, our last night's stop, at 12:30 pm, only about two and a half
hours after leaving the sign below Annapurna Base Camp.
We ordered lunch. Some time later Bharat and Suzi
arrived. It was getting cloudy and as I was not in
the mood to get rained on, I went ahead by myself
down to Bamboo. 50 minutes later I was in Dovan
and another 45 minutes later I was in Bamboo at
3:30 pm. I was going fast, but at the same time I
was getting a little tired.
I got another 3 bedroom at the Trekker's Lodge for
us, of course with the same thin walls as all the
others up here. Every other lodge was full. Anil and
Som who arrived after a while had a coke with me
while sitting outside in the courtyard of the lodge.
The other 3 arrived at 4:30 pm. We all sat outside
for a while longer until it got cool.
We finally went into the dining room. An elderly
German was there and we talked for a while. Also
a group of 5 Polish trekkers. They stayed next to
us in the room which had 2 small beds....5 people
and 2 beds...but they were nice and quiet. Went to
bed around 8:30 pm and slept good.