October 13, 2008:
Bamboo (2,300 m) to Jhinu Danda (1,700 m) via Chomrong 2,100 m)
Suzi was the first one up early this morning. What on earth is wrong with her?? Had breakfast and then
Bharat, Som and I did some morning gymnastics. We left Bamboo at 8:15 am and at 9:45 we were at
Upper Sinuwa at the lodge with the beautiful view.
We sat down, had a coke and enjoyed the views. Lots of trekkers came up the trail towards Annapurna
Base Camp. Glad we were going down as it looked to be even more crowded up there than when we were
Then we left the lodge and from now on it was down steeply the steps all the way to the river. We crossed
the river and from here on the walking was the same as being on a stairmaster in the gym!  I was crazy
enough to count the stairs. I stopped at 1,854 steps from the river to the Hinchuli View Guest House
where we had lunch. This was not quite at the top, but close. We arrived there at 11:45 am, sweaty and
thirsty. Hung our clothes up to dry on the veranda and ordered lunch.
After lunch, there were another 370 stairs
waiting for us until we were at he top of
Chomrong at the lodge where we left our
luggage a couple of days ago. We repacked
and now I had to shoulder my own backpack
again, but from here on it was all downhill.
We left Chomrong and descended very steeply down to Jhinu Danda. We could see the rooftops of the
lodges at Jhinu Danda almost vertically below us, it was that steep. We arrived there at 2 pm. The place
was pretty crowded.
There were several lodges in Jhinu Danda. We went to the largest one. Bharat got us another room with 3
beds. From looking at the rooms at this lodge and the other lodges before I did into think they were all full.
And I knew that at least Suzi wanted to have some privacy again after sharing the same room with a
couple of guys several nights in a row. So I asked Bharat to go the owner and see whether they had
another room. Answer was of course no. I did not like that young guy who was managing the lodge too
much, so I told Bharat to go back and get us a rooms in one of the other lodges. He left and came back
after a few minutes with the news that we can get single rooms in one of the other lodges. The young guy
heard that and, all of a sudden, magically one more room was all of a sudden available which we gave to
Suzi. David and I then shared the other room. I guess the guy did not want to loose 3 meals!!
We sat outside in the garden for some time. I
talked to a couple of the trekkers staying at the
lodge, including (another) German couple.
Then we wanted to see the famous hotsprings.
After seeing the ones at Tatopani I did not
expect anything fancy but David, Suzi and the
3 guys wanted to go. Bharat told David it was
not far. So David put on his flip flops.....big
mistake. Never believe a Nepali when he says
"It's not far". 20 minutes down a steep trail and
we finally arrived at the hot springs. David
nearly twisted his ankle about 10 times in his
flip flops and I could not stop laughing (sorry,
David). Of course, our Nepali friends looked
very comfortable in their flip flops....
As expected, for me the hot springs did not look
enticing at all, so after a few minutes and taking a
couple of pictures, I walked back up the trail to the
lodge. Sat outside in the garden for a little longer
chatting to the Germans until my compadres finally
came back from the hot springs. Luckily, David was
still in one piece. Suzi did not go into the hot springs.
I don't blame her one bit as the place was crawling
with locals whose only interest it was to see female
tourists in swimwear. Yam, my famous mountain
guide from our Mustang trek would have called that
"window shopping".
We had dinner inside the dining room. It was not bad. David and I went to bed at around 8:30 pm. I slept
really good. It was the last night of our trek.