October 15, 2008:
Woke up around 5:30 am and could hear David, Suzi and the rest of the crew leaving. David was going
to Chitwan for a couple of days and Suzi and the boys were taking the bus back to Kathmandu. I stayed
in bed until almost 8 am. I was happy not to have to get up and hike! Went to the rooftop of the lodge
from where there were great vistas of the Annapurna range and even Dhaulagiri.
Had breakfast at the hotel. The owner and his family
are very nice and were trying to make my stay as
comfortable as possible. An older French Canadian
couple who was on a trip through India and Nepal also
stayed at the hotel and we talked for a while. Around
10 am I left and went into town. Surfed the internet for a
while to get up do date of what was going on in the
world. I had a hard time understanding the severity of
the financial crisis which had gripped the world. Went
to Boomerang for lunch. I could not believe that it was
more than 4 weeks ago that I sat at the same place
having lunch with Suzi before our trek. Time flew by!!
After lunch  I went back to the hotel. The owner
had put a TV in my room and I watched some
soccer. At 4 pm, the power went out.
Apparantly this part of Pokhara loses power at
that time of the day and does not get it back
until 8:30 pm. Just before power went out, I
heard on the news that there are border
skirmishes between Thailand and Cambodia.
As I was planning of going to Cambodia the
following week, I was hoping that would end
Went to dinner around 6 pm to a place called
Caffee Concerto, an Italian Restaurant with
some delicious food and great service. After
dinner, I browsed through the main drag of
Pokhara one more time and also checked my
e-mails. All the shops and restaurants were
really crowded. Many tourists were in
Pokhara. Finally went back to my hotel and
watched some more TV. Slept really good
again. No dogs barking incessantly in this
part of Pokhara!! However, as I discovered
the next morning, I apparantly fell victim to
bed bugs as my lower back was itching, had
a rash and signs of little bites!! No big deal,
Kiwi Guest House