October 16, 2008:
Pokhara back to Kathmandu
Got up around 7:30 am
and packed up. Went
to have breakfast and
chatted with the
French Canadians
again. Left the hotel at
9:30 and took a cab to
the airport. After
checking in, went to
the lounge where I met
a German guy from
Mainz with his 12 year
old son. Their flight
was supposed to have
left at 9 am with Agni
Air. They were still
there when my plane
left.... My flight on Yeti
Air left at 11 am and it
took exactly 23
minutes from take-off
in Pokhara to the
landing in Kathmandu.
As I was sitting on the
left side of the plane, I
had great views of the
Annapurna Range,
Manaslu and Peak 29.
Raj from Thirdpole was kind
enough to pick me up from the
airport. It took quite a while for
my luggage to arrive as there
were many flight coming in at the
same time and the Nepali
"baggage delivery system" was
overloaded. Raj dropped me off
at the Marshyangdi Marsala
again. I had a nice room with
views of the school yard
adjacent to the hotel. The I went
looking for my bag which I left in
the hotel. The room I left it in was
full with bags and it took quite a
while to dig it out.
Raj had invited us for dinner at his house. I went to
Suzi's guesthouse looking for her but she was not there,
so I left a message for her that I would pick her up at 5
pm. I then had a late lunch at the New Orleans Cafe. I
really like the atmosphere there and the food is pretty
good too. Then I went back to the hotel, reorganized my
stuff and took a long shower. Around 5 pm, I went back
to Suzi's guesthouse, but she had not been back yet, so I
left her another message that I would meet her the next
morning at 8:30 for our planned trip to Bhaktapur.
Walked over to the Thirdpole office. 3 Singaporians, a
guy and 2 women, were there who were also invited by
Raj. We took the minibus to his house which took forever
as the traffic was horrible and we were stuck in the same
place for like 15 minutes.
When we arrived at Raj's house, the terrace was set up
for dinner. A beautiful setting! Rajs wife served curried
potatoes, cropoek and chicken wings as appetizers.
Then we had big chicken legs which tasted excellent and
then came the main course. Rice, cauliflowers, mustard
greens and other veggies. And lots of beer! As I lost quite
a few pounds of weight on my trip, I was eating a lot!!
Great dinner. The Singaporians were nice too, they were
going on the Everest trek the next day. Over dinner,
Deepak informed us about the current political situation
in Nepal. At the end, we watched Thirdpole's selfmade
video of the Annapurna trek which was very good. As the
Singaporians had an early flight to Lukla the next
morning, we left Raj's house around 9:30 pm. First we
dropped them off at the L'Annapurna Hotel and then the
driver brought me back to my hotel. I slept ok as there
were lots of dogs barking around the hotel all night long!
Pokhara Airport
Departure Lounge
(above) and
Pokhara Airport