October 19, 2008:
Buying Tibetan Furniture at Bodnath and visiting Pashupatinath
Got up to meet David at Pumpernickel at 8 am. Afterwards, I went to the Thirdpole office to reconfirm that I
was changing hotels today to the L'Annapurna Hotel. After over a month, I was in need of some more
luxurious accomodations. Went back to my hotel and packed my stuff. Checked out but left my luggage in
the hotel. At 10, I met David and Bharat and we took a cab to Bodnath.
Last year while at Bodnath I checked out the Tibetan furniture stores and I wanted to buy a piece. While
David and Bharat were sightseeing, I went into one of the stores. The owner took me to his warehouse
about 10 minutes away. Here he had stored many pieces of furniture, doors, boxes etc., all from Tibet. I
found quickly what I was looking for and we got a deal done pretty fast. The guy told me that delivery
would be made within a week. Well, we'll see....(actually, the piece arrived in Houston about 2 weeks later.
I got it through customs without a problem and now it decorates in my house).
We walked back to Bodnath and then I was
waiting for David to complete his shopping. While
I buy furniture in a few minutes, he takes hours to
buy a necklace.... After David was (finally) done,
the three of us walked over to Pashupatinath,
only about 15 minutes walk away from Bodnath.
We entered Pashupatinath through the backside
and walked up the hill. From up there,  we were
able to overlook the action at Pashupatinath for
some time. Pashupatinath is located at the
Bagmati River, a holy river and therefore is a
popular place for cremations. Lots of monkeys
everywhere. One actually stole an apple from a
tourist, out of his hands! So, never carry food at
Pashupatinath! We then went down to the main
complex, crossed the bridge and walked around
to the outside of the main temple. Of course, only
Hindus can enter the main temple, but from
outside the entrance of the main temple, one can
see the backside of Shiva's golden bull Nandi.
We took a cab back to Thamel. Dropped off Bharat and David at David's guesthouse and I continued to
my hotel to get my bags and then checked in at the L'Annapurna. I can't help it, but I like this place and
some of the staff recognized me again. Got a nice room in the new wing and went to have a late lunch at
the Coffee Shop. Bharat and David were joining as well after a while. After lunch, Bharat left and David
and I made our way down to Durbar Square. David had not been there and it was actually the first time I
was going there without Bharat. But we found our way there, no problem.
We sat for a long time up
on Maju Dega and
enjoyed the sites and
sounds. I then gave
David a small tour of
Durbar Square including
the Kumari Ghar. Shortly
before it was getting
dark, we started to walk
back to Thamel. We had
dinner at the New
Orleans Cafe who had
live music that night. The
band was pretty good
and dinner as well. This
is really a nice setting at
the New Orleans Cafe.
Walked back to the
L'Annapurna Hotel and
had my first
non-dog-barking night
sleep for a while.
Furniture I bought