October 20, 2008:
My last full day in Kathmandu and I took it easy. Had breakfast at the hotel where that old unfriendly
server from a year ago of course recognized me instantly and said : "Welcome back, sir". And now he
eagerly started to serve only me, and I cannot stand him....He is all about tips and his friendliness is so
fake. Anyway, breakfast was great. Then I went back to my room and on my way there greet the same
room cleaning ladies from last year (who of course remembered me too) and make some small talk with
them. Watched TV for a while and then went over to Thirdpole to settle my account. Som and Anil were
there as well and I said good-bye as well. To the internet cafe one lasttime and then to Pilgrims for a last
book shopping spree. Met David for lunch at the Northfield Cafe. David was going to meet his friend in a
couple of days and then they were going to Everest Base Camp. He was planning on being back home in
Florida before Thanksgiving. Back at the hotel I watched some more TV until Bharat came around 4 pm.
He gave me some presents and also some things to send to his brothers in Florida. We said good-bye.
Bharat has become a really good friend of me now but I had to say good-bye to him. Hopefully I will be
back in Nepal soon.

I had dinner at the coffee shop and afterwards veggied out in my room watching HBO.