October 19, 2006:
Gokyo to Gokyo Ri
Here is why these Japanese were a nuisance: At 4:30 am they got up to climb Gokyo Ri and made a
lot of noise. I got up around 6 am, had breakfast (toast and pancake). During breakfast we saw the
sun rising on Cho Oyu from the dining room.
The climb up Gokyo Ri is quite steep with no flat sections at all to catch your breath. Just up, up,
up. It took me exactly 1 hour and 58 minutes to get to the top. On the way up, we could see clouds
forming already and I was afraid we wouldn't have any good views from atop. But all that worry
was for nothing. Once we were on top of Gokyo Ri, we would see 4 of the highest mountains in the
world, i.e. Cho Oyu, Mt. Everest, Lhotse and Makalu. Beautiful scenery in every direction.
Bharat and I spent almost 2 hours up there. We started our descent around 10:30 am. Clouds were
rolling in from everywhere, just like the day before and the mountain tops slowly became obscured
by the clouds. We took our time to get down. Almost down we met some people who were going up.
But at that time, there was almost nothing to see anymore and I told them to rather save their
energy and go up the next morning instead. We were back in the lodge at around 12 pm. The lodge
was full, lots of new people. However, the Japanese were still there, but also some nice guys from
France. I had lunch, potatoe soup, fried potatoes with cheese and egg. It started to get really cold
and began to snow around 1 pm.
The lodge owner started the fireplace. Originally I was thinking about taking a shower, but then, it
was so cold and the shower was in a little outhouse outside, I decided not to. I rather stayed in the
comfortable surroundings of the dining room. Late afternoon I had to go outside to pee (the inside
toilets were locked during the day).....boy was that nippy out there! It stopped snowing around 4:30
pm and all of a sudden, the surrounding mountains were visible again for a short period.
For dinner I had tomato soup and fried rice with egg (what else...). Went to bed early at around 7:30
pm. It was bloody cold!!! My throat was hurting a bit and I had some trouble breathing before
falling asleep, but nevertheless slept ok.
On the summit of Gokyo
Three of the highest mountains in the world in one picture: Mt. Everest (8,848 meters or 29,029 feet), Lhotse (8,516 meters
or 27,939 feet)and Makalu (8,462 meters or 27,765 feet)
Gokyo from atop Gokyo