October 27, 2006:
Ulleri (1,960 m) to Ghorapani (2,750 m)
Woke up around 6 am. Incredible views of Annapurna South and Hinchuli from the rooftop of the
lodge. No wonder the name of the lodge is the Superview Guest House. Had breakfast outside (yes, it
is that warm!). Tea and hashbrowns with cheese to get calories for the climb up to Ghorapani.
Ghorapani is located at an altitude which is 800 meters higher than Ulleri, so all we have to do is go
up, up, up. But it wasn't that bad.
At dinner time, the lodge's dining room was packed mainly with Asians, from Malaysians to
Chinese and Taiwanese. Only 2-3 Westerners. Had tomato soup, pizza with tomatoes, cheese and
onions and rice pudding with apples as dessert. And, of course, a couple of beers (for calory intake
only). The food in this lodge probably was the best I had in any lodges during my Nepal trip. I went
to bed early, around 8 pm as I had to get up at 5 am the next morning.
After leaving Ulleri, we went through a forest which was quite pleasant as it was cool.  A couple of
hours later, we came to a little village named Naranthati (I think) and had a cup of tea. Another
hour and a half and we were in Ghorapani. I am not quite sure, but it looks to me like there are
two Ghorapanis, one with no views at all and then one on top of the ridge. I saw the Dutch guys
from last night. They stayed down here in the lower part. Bharat and I, however, kept going up
until we reached the ridge with plenty more lodges, several of them quite big. There are great views
from up here (as we discovered the next morning), but when we arrived, it was cloudy and no
mountains to see. To the left and a couple of hundred meters higher in altitude, one could see Poon
Hill, where we will go tomorrow morning to watch the sunrise on Dhaulagiri. We went to the
(forgot the name) lodge and "checked in". Very nice lodge. I had noodle soup, spaghetti with
cheese and tomatoes. Very good! Also, Bharat and I drank a couple of cokes. All this is more
readily available and much cheaper than in the Khumbu region. When I had finished lunch, it was
only 1:30 pm. As all views were obscured by clouds, I went down to my room, listened to my i-pod
and took a nap. I wanted to rest some for the long day ahead.