October 30, 2006:
Pokhara to Kathmandu
Got up at 7 am, had breakfast in the hotel and packed my bag. As Bharat was not gonna be here
before 9:30 am, I was sitting for a while at the pool area and watching the surrounding mountains
which were clearly visible this early in the day.
After Bharat arrived, we went to the airport. Our flight was delayed for about 20 minutes. The actual
flight on Yeti Airlines took only a little over 20 minutes. Great views of Manaslu. Once on the
ground in Kathmandu, we saw the plane from the Royal Air Nepal landing, the plane which left
Pokhara 10 minutes earlier than us from Pokhara. It was an ooooold plane!
We took a cab back to the L'Annapurna Hotel. About 500 yards before we got to the hotel, a tire
burst (or maybe only then the driver noticed it). So Bharat and I decided to walk to the hotel. I am
on a hiking trip after all!! Checked into the hotel and took a long shower. Then I went to meet Raj
in the Thirdpole office to settle my account. After that I went shopping. Bought a couple of T-Shirts
and then went to an internet cafe. I also went back to the Pilgrims Book Store. This is my place! I
thought Papa would come to my hotel for dinner, but after I waited until 6:30 pm, I decided to have
dinner on my own. I was also invited by Raj for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, but I decided to
wait a little longer for Papa. Well,  I never heard from Papa that night. I finally left to meet Raj and
Deepak at the Chinese Restaurant. We chatted for a while and I had a nice final evening in Nepal.
With us was another client of Thirdpole, an older lady from New Zealand as well as her guide.
I got back to the hotel around 10 pm and had a message from Papa. He called me about 2 minutes
after I left the hotel :(( Went to bed and slept good during my last night in Nepal.
Manaslu (left, 8,163 m) and Peak 29 (right, 7,871