October 31, 2006: Kathmandu to Bangkok
Woke up early but didn't get up until about 8 am. Just as I wanted to go to breakfast Papa called
and we talked for a few minutes. Too bad we couldn't hook up the evening before. I had breakfast
and then packed my bags. Raj was gonna pick me up around 11 am. He and Deepak gave me a
small present and we said goodbye. Nima drove me to the airport. I went through check-in pretty
quickly, although I had to go back and pay the departure tax which I forgot to do before I went to
the check-in counter. The boarding process was chaotic. No classes or rows were called. Everybody
then had to undergo a final security check on the runway before you boarded the plane.

After take-off, we circled around Kathmandu to gain altitude and it was nice to get a last look at
the city and the valley.
The flight to Bangkok took 3 hours. We were about 30 minutes delayed because of the late take-off
in Kathmandu. We landed at 6:45 pm Bangkok time. Immigration was a breeze and the bags came
fast. I took a cab to my hotel, the Sofitel Silom. It took just about 30 minutes to get to Downtown
Bangkok. I was already in the hotel by about 8 pm. Got a beautiful room on the 31st floor. Called
home and then had dinner at the Chinese Restaurant on the top floor of the hotel. Then I spent a
couple of hours in the bar before I fell into my bed. Slept really good. Nice big cozy bed with lots
of pillows.