October 8, 2006:
Namche Bazaar - Acclimatization Day
Sharp at 6 am the hammerers outside started working on the lodge construction next door. I laid in
bed for a little longer and got up around 6:30 am. Toast, tea and a veggie omelet. Around 8 am,
Bharat and I left towards Thame. We wanted to hike for a few hours to further acclimatize (is that
spelled right???) to the altitude. At the top of the Namche bowl, we could see Ama Dablam, quite
possibly the most beautiful mountain in the world. Unfortunately, there were lots of clouds around
and the views were limited. For a couple of hours, we walked through a beautiful valley until we
came to the village of Thamo where we had some tea. Kept going and after about 3 hours since we
left Namche, we saw Thame from far away on the other side of the valley. The guidebook says total
distance from Namche to Thame is 7 km. Well, this sure does sound much closer than it feels it is.
We did not walk slow, we had no packs with us, walked for 3 hours and were still ways away from
Thame. Anyway, I looked at the steep climb up to Thame on the other side of the valley, looked at
Bharat and said: Enough acclimatization for today, let's go back to Namche. It was already 11 am
and the weather also was not good. So we headed back to Thamo where we had lunch, fried rice and
tea. I can see that this valley must have some incredible views when there are no clouds, but we
hardly had any views.
We were back in Namche around 2:30 pm.
Wanted to take a shower in the lodge. 200
rupees, but no towel. So I went to the first
store in Namche and bought me a towel.
Back to the lodge to have a shower. For
dinner I had garlic soup, fried rice with
veggies and apple pie. No more beer :(