Santa Fe July 2005
After our "normal" vacation in Mexico, Marc went to Europe. So my wife, Patrick and I decided
to head to Colorado for a week to our townhouse. On the way there, we wanted to visit Santa Fe
and Taos as we had not been there yet. We drove up to Santa Fe and spend two nights there.
We visited several museums and many art galleries...
...and this is an exhausted 10
year old after having to visit
art galleries and museums all
day long!
In the evening, we went up towards the mountains and witnessed a spectacular sunset.
The next day, we drove to Taos. Along the way to Taos, we stopped at the Bandelier National
This church is called the Loretto
Chapel. It was built between 1873 -
1878. The staircase in this chapel is
unique. It has two 360 degree turns
and has no visible means of support.
It is also called the Miraculous
Staircase. Two mysteries surround it:
The identity its builder and the physics
of its construction.