September 13, 2008: Bangkok to Kathmandu
Went back to my hotel. At one time in the middle of the night, I woke up with visions that my house back
home had been destroyed by the hurricane, but then I realized that it was only a thunderstorm outside.
After dinner, I was able to call my wife from Bharat's cell phone. She said that the worst was over from the
hurricane but that it was still pretty windy. I was surprised that she had cell phone coverage, but that
ended actually pretty much right after I talked to her. She would not have power for the next 10 days(!). So
much for living in one of the most industrialized nations in the world....
Thereafter went to O2RK, an Israeli restaurant in Thamel, where I had prearranged to meet with Suzi and
Basant, the owner of
Basanta Adventure at 4 pm. They were both there already. We talked for a while
about the logistics of our Mustang trip and were going to meet again the next day for our final
preparations. Suzi and I then went over to the Tibetan Guesthouse. Through the trekking forum at I had met Dan and we had agreed to meet in the lobby of his hotel that day to have a drink
together. He was already waiting for us and we went to Tom & Jerrys and had a couple of beers. Then on
to dinner at the Nuevo Marco Polo Restaurant, which is now called Ciao, where Bharat joined us for dinner
as well.
They took me to my hotel, the Marshyangdi Mandala in Chetrapati, a little past the Tibetan Guest House.
Got a room with a (distant) view of Swayambhunath. Dropped off my bags and then went to Thirdpole's
. We sat around and talked about my plans and my trip. The first part of my trip to Mustang was
booked with Suzi's agent and the second part I was using Thirdpole and Bharat as a guide. We discussed
details and when and where we would meet at Jomsom after our return from Mustang. While in Raj's
office, I logged on to the internet and I could see on that the eye of the hurricane was just
over Kingwood at this time!
The flight to Kathmandu was a little less than 3 hours. As our flight came in right behind Silk Air's, the
Immigration Lounge was pretty packed and the line for the visas was quite long. FInally through, went
downstairs and got my bags. Bharat and Raj from
Thirdpole were outside the airport terminal  waiting for
Woke up at 4 am and watched CNN's continued coverage of Ike. Called my wife again as I was worried
and the hurricane was approaching, but she and Patrick were attending a pre-hurricane party at another
friends house and she said again to continue on to Nepal. Around 7 am, I went downstairs to the
coffeeshop and got me a couple of croissants and at 8 am I took the hotelshuttle to the airport. Checked
in and went to the Business Class lounge where I continued to check on Ike.