September 29, 2008:
Lo Manthang to Tsarang to Ghami
Got up before 6 am to attend the puja at the Monastery. Got there at 6:30 am just before it started. To the
contrary of the philospohy-students-only puja I attened the afternoon before, all monastic school
students were in attendance, including all the little ones who were between 4 to 6 years old. Their only
interest was the food they were getting towards the end of the ceremony. Tenzin as the head lama
chastized them several times for not paying attention or participating in the mantras, but to not much avail.
The ceremony was over by about
7:45 am. Tenzin asked me to come
to his room where he gave me a
nice Tibetan tea cup and a kata as a
good-bye present. Then I went to
the coffeeshop for breakfast. Gyan
and I finally left Lo Manthang at
about 9 am. We went up the Lo La
and had a final view of Lo
Manthang. On our way to Tsarang
there was a huge group of Italians
at the big chorten. I am so glad I
don't travel in such a big group! We
were in Tsarang at 11:45 am and
had lunch at the Maya Lodge.
We left Tsarang at around 12:45 pm and started to
gradually ascend the Chingel La. We were up at the
pass at 2:30 pm where we sat down for a while to enjoy
the views. We were at Ghami at 3:30 pm and stayed
again at the Royal Mustang Hotel where I had reserved
my room already during my last stay a few days earlier.
Mustang was getting more crowded with tourists and
therefore I had told the Didi the day I would be back. I
got the same room I had as the first time I stayed there.
At the dining room, we had some tea. I met the
antropologist from Kathmandu who I had briefly seen in
Lo Manthang a day earlier. Also an older guy from
Florida and a couple from Chile were in his group. We
had a nice conversation. The Didi was real busy cooking
food for all her guests. I had tomato soup, fried potatoes
and a huge plate of veggie fried rice with eggs on top.
Also talked for a while with the owner of the lodge. I went
to bed around 8:30 pm and slept really good.
Chorten between Tsarang and Lo Manthang
Chorten in Riverbed below Tsarang
View of Tsarang through Chorten
Mani Wall outside Gami
Chorten inside Ghami
Our Lodge in Ghami