September 30, 2008:
Ghami to Chele over all those passes
Day 2 of Moving Days. And what a long day it was. I woke up at 5 am pretty refreshed. Laid in bed until
about 7 am and then had breakfast. I collected the thangka I bought from the Didi several days ago and
around 8:30 am, Gyan and I left Ghami. It sprinkled a little but soon stopped. We got to the top of Nya La at
9:45 am. From here, it was steeply down the other side of the pass. We encountered some tourists on the
way down who were struggling mightily with the altitude and the steepness of the pass.
This time, we did not go via Gheling to
Syangboche, but took the more direct route via
Tamagoon. We arrived in Syangboche at 11:30 am.
Had lunch at the lodge we did not stay on our way
up, which was much nicer than the one we were in
before. Lunch was good, macaroni with cheese and
tea. As Gyan's food was not ready by the time I was
finished with lunch, I decided to leave ahead of
Gyan. I knew he would catch me and we still had
quite a hike in front of us.
So I left at 12:30 pm. It took me about 45 minutes to get up to the Yanda La. From here to Samar, there
were lots more of ups and downs. I must have gone pretty fast as Gyan did not catch up to me, so I waited
for him at the top of Bhena La. From here, the last climb up to Samar was brutal for me as I was getting
tired. We got water in Samar and then descended steeply down to Chele. Lots of great views of Nilgiri and
Tilicho Peak while descending the narrow trail.
We finally made it to Chele at 5 pm. Stayed in the same lodge
as on the way up. Only one room was still available which
Gyan and I shared. The Chilean couple came as well. They
had send their porter ahead to make sure they got a room.
Also, a German guy travelling on his own was there. We had
a heated discussion over dinner about the next president of
the United States. Why do all non-Americans like that Obama
guy?? I am far from being a Bush fan, but Obama??? The
thought of living in a future socialistic country does not
appeal much to me. Might as well move to Sweden.... Dinner
was good, much better than last time. I had tomato soup with
noodles and eggs. We went to bed around 8:30 pm tired.
Trail from Nya La towards Syangboche
Nya La
Chorten at Tamagoon
Chortens at Samar
Trail to Chele
My altimeter (not calibrated correctly)
showing the ups and downs of this day