Bandelier National Monument & Taos
July 2005
After spending a couple of days in Santa Fe, we drove north towards Taos. On the way to Taos, we
visited the
Bandolier National Monument. The Anasazi ruins at the Bandolier NM were inhabited
between the 1,100's to the 1,500's. Several hundred farmers lived in a pueblo on the valley floor and
in dwellings built into the nearby cliffs. The main attraction are a number of ruins, caves and kivas
(ceremonial caves), which can be seen throughout the Frijoles Canyon.
After leaving the Bandolier National Monument, we came to Taos. We checked into our hotel and
then went to the famous
Taos Pueblo. The Taos Pueblo has been continously inhabited for more
than a thousand years. It was originally built between 1,000 and 1,450 AD. Today, about 150 people
live in the Pueblo full time. About 2,000 indians live on the Taos Pueblo lands adjacent ot the
What a beautiful place! After visiting the Taos Pueblo, we drove to the Taos Gorge Bridge, just a
few miles outside of Taos. Here, a bridge spans the Rio Grande River Gorge.
The next morning, we left Taos and went
towards Breckenridge. Once in Colorado, we
visited the Great Sand Dunes National Park
in Colorado. Who would have thought that
there are huge sand dunes in Colorado????
This was the site of a large 2-3 story
Reconstructed Kiva
the Alcove House
On the left is a picture of Tent Rock