Thursday & Friday - July 26 & 27, 2007
Houston to Beijing
On Thursday, July 26, 2007, we left Houston at 6:30 am with Continental to Newark. In Newark we
changed planes and flew 12:50 hours to Beijing. As I used my miles for Business Class, Marc and I
had a pleasant flight. We arrived in Beijing around 2 pm local time on Friday, July 27, 2007.

In the arrival hall, we got picked up by our travel agency. However, as we found out soon, the
communication with all travel agents involved from Nepal, Tibet and Beijing did not work well. Our
travel agent was only informed of our arrival in Beijing two days prior. Apparantly the Tibetan agent
dropped the ball, and we also had some problems with them later in Tibet. The biggest issue was that
we were not able to get on the train Beijing to Lhasa as it was July, high season, and every Chinese
wanted to go on that train. So we were informed that instead we had to fly to Lhasa from Beijing. On
one hand, I was dreading the 48 hours on a train, on the other hand, I would have loved the
experience, but in the end, it was not a big deal.
Once we got to the hotel, my son was a little surprised. He didn't know where we were going to stay
and I think he was positively surprised. I had told him all along before the trip that at times we were
roughing it, but Grand Hyatt in Beijing is definitely not roughing it!
We had a very nice room. Soon after arrival, we
walked around a little. The hotel was right in
the middle of a shopping mall and close to
Tiananmen Square. Outside, it was hot, humid
and very hazy. We had dinner at the Chinese
Restaurant in the hotel which was great!. Went
to bed around 8 pm and slept pretty well until
around 6:30 am.