China, Tibet and Nepal - July & August 2007
Ever since I got back from Nepal in 2006, my oldest son Marc had expressed an interest in visiting
the Himalaya region. So, one night in February, we were looking together through all kinds of
websites and trip reports and came upon a description of a trip on the newly opened train from
Beijing to Lhasa. It peeked our interest and I asked him whether that was something he would like
to do during his summer holidays and he said yes. My wife looked a little strange but gave her
blessing as long (of course.....) it would not interfere with any school stuff... I did some research and
finally booked the trip through I confered with Jamie McGuiness a
couple of times until he referred me to, the company which does the
execution of at least some of their trips. I got into touch with Bimal from that company and over
the course of a few weeks, we got our itinerary together which included a few days Beijing, then the
train (which unfortunately did not happen), a few days Lhasa, the Ganden to Samye trek and then a
Landcruiser trip overland to Kathmandu. Below is the diary of this trip: