August 19, 2007: Kathmandu
After breakfast, we were waiting to see whether we could leave Kathmandu that day on Thai, but
Samir called soon with the news that the flight was full. We then went to see Raj and Deepak from
Thirdpole in their new offices. It was good to see them again. I already agreed with them on my last
trip that I would sponsor a child's school education and we agreed that I would sponsor a second
child. We also discussed in length my intentions of going to Mustang in the fall of 2008. After that
meeting, I went to the Explore Himalaya office to settle my account. Bimal refunded me the cost for
the flight from Beijing to Lhasa. Then we went one last time through Thamel and then went back to
our hotel. After being on the move for so long now, we just wanted to sit around, watch a couple of
movies and just relax. We had dinner that night at the Chinese Restaurant of the hotel.