August 22, 2007: Bangkok to Hong Kong
We could have slept much longer in those beautifully comfy beds. But we had to get up as our flight
to Hong Kong was leaving at 10:40 am. We took a cab to the airport. Flight took a little longer than
expected as there was a lot of bad weather around Hong Kong. Once we got our luggage, we went to
the train station and took the train to Kowloon Station from where we the Airport Bus took us to
our hotel, the Sheraton Kowloon. We got a great Harbor View Room overlooking Hong Kong
Harbor and all the skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island.
We went down to the waterfront where the
clocktower is. It was very cloudy and threatened
to rain any time. However, the view was still
spectacular. We proceeded around Kowloon for
a while and then had dinner at the Outback
Steakhouse. After dinner, we went to the night
market at Temple Street. Bought some more
stuff. Our bags are now overflowing!! We finally
went back to the hotel and had a nightcap in
the bar which is located on the top floor. Great
views from up here of the Hong Kong skyline.
Our Hotel

View from our room