Germany June/July 2006
After a couple of weeks in Mexico, we left my wife down there and the kids and I flew to Germany
for the World Cup in Soccer, the biggest sporting event in the world. Initially, I won 4 tickets each
for 2 games through the lottery of the website. I had also signed up for last
minute tickets, so sure enough, two days before the game between Togo and France, I was notified
that I got allocated 4 tickets to that game as well. So we watched 3 games live in the stadiums. The
atmosphere in Germany during the World Cup was unbelievable and something to experience.
Needless to say we had a great time.
After the game in Dortmund, we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Osnabrueck. Click here for
pictures of Osnabrueck.
From Osnabrueck, we went for 2 days to Amsterdam. Click here for pictures of our days in
We also visited our friends Ecki & Roswitha and their kids in Bad Homburg. Click here for
pictures of that day.
And last but not least we attended my niece's birthday party. Click here for more pictures of that.